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iOS Mobile App Development

We build iOS apps with the help of a range of technology stacks. The one we use will depend on your project specifications.

Objective-C is a long-standing, most promising programming language that uses dynamic typing and message passing. It also needs separating classes into two code blocks: interface and implementation.

Swift is a relatively new programming language, Apple released this language to the public in 2014. In 2015, Swift became an open-source. It cut out the Objective-C heritage and has all the latest programming features: generics, optional, type inference, and higher-order functions. There are few other technology stacks, such as React Native or Flutter, which suit cross-platform development and can offer a quicker time to market.

What is an iPhone app?

Apple's iPhone app software applicate is designed to run on Apple's iOS-powered iPhone devices.

The expansion of iOS is iPhone Operating System. You can find iPhone applications at Apple's app store. Apps which are particularly developed for iOS are also available on Apple's other devices, such as iPad and iPod touch. iPhone app developers can programme their own apps for download by using sample code projects from Apple's SDK.

You can have the option of mentioning the price of your app if you wish. � the revenue is allocated between the developer (70%) and Apple (30%). If you wish you can also make your app free to download. Apple app developers can make revenue by sell their developed app in Apple store.

Benefits of native iOS app development

Comparatively iOS apps bring in much more revenue than Android apps despite having a smaller market share. In the year 2019 (Q2), Apple users spent approximately $25billion on apps and in-app purchases. Therefore, successful iOS mobile app development can open up new revenue streams for your business and bring a high ROI on the cost of building your app.

Each year Apple launch new iOS-powered products to a stable growing and tech-savvy audience allowing iPhone app developers to tap into this huge-potential market.

Native apps also offer optimum performance because they are designed for specific operating systems, which improve processing speed and delivers better data security.

iPhone or iPad interface is an advantage for iOS apps, which is highly intuitive and interactive, delivering excellent useability and user experience.

WebRNC iOS app development process

WebRNC offers iOS app development services from creation to execution.

Our process is highly active and transparent, with efficient project management and communication between all stakeholders.

The process starts with iOS strategy and concept, when you determine your idea and why you want to build an app in the first place. This stage will support you identify your target market and figure out what its needs are and develop a strategy & concept to deliver unique value.

iOS Mobile

The next step is to select the iOS application development technology to build your app. You can have different sort of technology stacks which you can use, from the native Swift and Objective-C to multiplatform solutions like React Native or Flutter. Choosing the correct technology is important and depends on the needs and functionalities of your app.

Next, our app development experts can begin to build the iOS UX design features - that is, how exactly your end user will feel, experience, and interact with your app, checking this against the project specifications.

Then iOS development and testing begins, while you build on the core architecture of your app towards a final product. Continuous testing is important to identify bugs and issues before your app reach the market.

When your app is launched, you will start to market it, and provide ongoing maintenance. As a full-service iOS app development company, WebRNC also gives this post-launch support to ensure your app stays successful beyond its initial release.

How to choose a reliable partner for iOS app development?

Choosing the correct iOS app developers to work on your project can show the difference between success and failure. You must need someone who is expertise in design, development, quality assurance and maintenance. One who can choose the best technology and put a great team in place to build the app.

You could outsource all these different tasks and projects to different partners who specialise in a particular area but working with a company who can deliver complete service in iOS mobile app development will bring more consolidated, reliable process.

A complete mobile app development team can offer expertise in all areas and seamless, transparent project management.

To choose the most authentic partner, look into the portfolio and reviews of your potential iOS app development company to see the quality of their work, and feedback from their previous clients. Check their projects experience is and how they manage the development process.

iOS Mobile